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Design Process 11

You cannot ask a caterpillar how it plans to turn into a butterfly in the same way that I cannot explain
my process. Only that I metamorpihize one thing into something else entirely. Allowing the wood to tell
me the story that needs to be heard, where to match up grains and what stains will bring out the spirit
of the wood. Which parts to leave more natural and which to refine. It is a dance of tension, an
unfolding. I allow the art to manifest itself from my dreams into reality. I don’t sketch or plan out my
projects in the typical way, instead needing to allow my artist mind to wander and float through many
options before feeling the tug towards the destination. I am inspired by structure and clean lines and
most of my work has a sharpness to it but I also try to pull out the warmth of the wood, the prehistoric,
the ancient and weave those multitudes together. This joining of my work foils the joining we find in
community. Around the table is where we gather, a joining, full of growth, sharing, teaching, supporting,
and living. My work is meant to invoke those feelings of support. It is meant to be an invitation to
explore, to wonder, to dream. My passion for this work comes from a desire to bridge the gaps in
humanity to create community, to provide a village, to show a more complete, whole, and authentic
way of living through love.