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Why do I create? The honest answer is it’ s a cry for recognition, a hope to be discovered in this dark chamber where my personality lives, far removed from the confines of this world.

 I was born on the beautiful island of Trinidad on November 23rd 1966. I am currently living and working in Atlanta Ga. As a self taught photographer and woodworker, my preferred mediums are wood and the camera. When creating furniture I use traditional joinery. These are structurally sound and visually alluring. As a photographer I’m drawn to the sadness of the world and so my images are sometimes beyond sad, I would even go as far as to say that they mirror my most innate feelings.

 Moving to Atlanta in 2006 I realized that I had to adapt to survive in a new environment. This need forced me to change my perspective. I was experiencing life in a way that I’ve never had to in my entire adult life. This adaptation led me to photography and later on woodworking.

 The first artist that inspired me as a woodworker was George Nakasheima. His simplistic approach made me realize that creating does not have to be complex to be beautiful. l was introduced to the work created by Wendell Castle, which touched me in ways that I had not experienced before. These inspirations helped to form a basis of the artist I’m striving to become. I see my style as modernistic brutalism, using woods of varying colors and textures to shape my idea of art.

 “Though restrained by troubles and pain, I still realize my treasures. So with spills of my soul I ceaselessly toil to forge a name to be remembered”.


Regards to my patrons,


Larry Jerome.